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"We truly enjoyed the cycle route; it was a fantastic holiday!"

The Munneke Family from Amsterdam (The Netherlands), with Lise (6!) and Floris (9!) cycling all the way between London and Taunton and Barnstaple to Land's End.

"I fully enjoyed the route; a beautiful route showing the variety of landscapes in this part of England. Although I used the GP-tracks, I found the guidebook invaluable. Mentally prepared by the wording "strenuous climbs", etc, the route sections between Taunton and Okehampton were not as though as I expected them to be. Also because I didn't encounter a spec of rain on the whole journey (lucky me!), it was a beautiful journey, thank you!"

Jan Veerbeek from Hilversum, The Netherlands.

"In July this year my husband and I cycled from Harwich to Cheddar. I congratulate you on an excellent guide and look forward to riding it again."

Bronwyn Laing from the United Kingdom.

"It is better to have tried and lost than not tried at all.... to pinch a Shakespearean phrase! I did not manage the whole route and was forced to call it a day after seven days with a swollen and very painful knee. In all I covered about 463 miles of the route. Thank you so much for the inspiration and detailed route planning. The book directions are really easy to follow and in the main very accurate. I only did have a few hiccups near Dartford and around the Dome in London. I got suck in a gated community along the Thames path! Luckily I was able to tailgate a car out! I'm not quite sure how I got in! Alton Priors to Bath is a lovely route as well as the route through the Avon Gorge out of Bristol. At Dulverton I had indications that the knee was problematic, so cut out the climb to Tarr steps and used the car to get to Bratton Flemming and drop down to Barnstaple where I had my one and only puncture! Ended the trip on the Camel trail five miles in when it was obvious I could not put sufficient pressure through the right knee to do more than moderate inclines! I will return at some stage next year and finish it, and I seem to have inspired a group to say they would like to attempt the whole thing (over and longer time frame and with a rest day built in) next year. Many regards and thank you once again for your inspiration and detailed directions."

Alun Davies from Waterlooville, UK.


Travel writer Rob McFarland from Sydney (Australia) checking out the Devon Coast-to-Coast section of the London-Land's End Cycle Route. Check out his article in the Australia media here!

"Indeed a beautiful route across Southern England! I cycled Harwich-London- Plymouth with the book from 17 August until 4 September. My wife joined me in Plymouth to cycle together back east via the south coast to Dover. Only then I started to truly appreciate the great value of the London-Land's End Cycle Route Book! The issues I encountered on "London-Land's End" were very minor in comparison to trying to cycle the official south coast route, NCN 2. On "London-Land's End" I only got lost once (in Barking) and I found the route very varied. NCN 2 on the South Coast was much harder to accomplish (many steep climbs), although this gets compensated by great scenery. The biggest problem of NCN 2 are the busy roads and various gaps in the route. The signage just ends promptly where there is no good cycle route possible. It is definitely no fun to cycle on busy, winding roads! It is on those moments I really became aware of the value of "London- Land's End", as it indeed offers a completely continuous traffic-calmed route! So, all thumbs up for London-Land's End!"

Harry Franssen from The Netherlands.

"Very helpful guidebook! Thanks."

Lutz Renger from Bad Kreuznach, Germany.

"We had a lovely cycling holiday with our children aged 11 and 13. We cycled the sections from Harwich to Taunton. We found it difficult to cycle in pairs as we are used to in The Netherlands. We managed to camp every night, touring the camp sites of the book without making reservations. The route directions of the book are great on non-signposted sections. Where signposted, I prefer to follow the signs, rather than having to keep an eye on the book's directions too. London conquered with overnight stays in the YHA. Route leaving London westbound is truly amazing! Best wishes to other London-Land's End cyclists E, A and K who we spotted nearly every day"

Judith from The Netherlands.


Edwina Byrne from Brisbane, Australia, cycled the route with her partner and three-year old son in a trailer (his balance bike strapped on the roof, also in use on some sections(!)). She didn't want to miss the opportunity to meet up with us. "Without your book, we would never have done this", she told us happily! The family took all their kit on the plane from Down Under and travelled Europe by bike for two months, also using our Guidebook about The Netherlands. A couple of days after meeting us she also wrote: "Hellloooooo - adored the Plymouth side trip !!! Wish we had left more time to spend along the way in Tavistock too. Plus got a chance to train to Exeter and do the Exe cycle way big thumbs up. In Newquay now for rest before final push to Lands End VERY EXCITING."

"This was just the kind of spur we needed to make up our minds! No wonder we will head for Land's end this summer if we manage to sort out the transport of bikes and trailer to UK at a reasonable price (ferries from Spain are so expensive when you travel with your car!)."

Lola Ripa from Madrid, Spain.

"The title of this book is rather modest in that the guide also includes routes from London to Dover and London to Harwich (useful for getting to Holland!). In addition it includes detailed routes through London and between key London rail stations. The book has an elongated format and is spiral bound so it can conveniently be opened to fit on a bar bag. As well as maps (whose scale varies according to the level of detail needed) the guide includes photos and a description of each section together with turn-by-turn instructions. The book presents an amazing level of detailed information - including a substantial list of accommodation on route. I was impressed by the amount of work put into producing it!"

Kirby James from Exeter, UK.

"Just ordered your book and my wife and I are keenly planning our second bike tour in south UK. Our first was in 1991!"

Randy Wheating from Vancouver, Canada.

"We dit it! Harwich-Land's End. Thanks to excellent descriptions and overall good weather... not one boring moment!"

Ingrid Koppelman and her friend from Nijmegen, The Netherlands, with a selfie at Land's End.

"I'm much too excited to wait until I get to the UK to get the book. Really looking forward to getting the book and heading out on the ride!

Paul Bray from East Brunswick, Australia.

"It was about 2011 when we started receiving our first cyclists. This was when much to my surprise I became aware we were listed in the London to Land's End cycle book. Since then we have had steady stream of new visitors, they have been a wonderful friendly crowd and so appreciative even with our alternative campsite. Their matter of fact approach to using a bicycle to visit different places has earned my respect. We once had a family consisting of the parents 3 children cycling and 1 in a handle bar chair!!fantastic."

Ann Bishop in Essex, UK.

"We saw castles, canals, cottages, boats, churches, roman ruins, a steam train, ancient forest, smuggler's towns, hedgerows, briar roses, butterflies and birds. We had rain, blue heat, storms and soft cloud over rolling meadows. We saw the english channel and the Atlantic twice each, had thirteen punctures, rode the gorge where cheddar comes from, walked beaches and headlands and woodlands. We viewed prehistoric carvings and crop circles. We met nice people, grumpy people, alien worshippers, fellow travellers, bakers, fisherfolk, happy hotel keepers and cheerful folk on the side of the road wanting a chat. We road canal paths, train tracks, country lanes and hills. We free wheeled down and climbed agonisingly up. We slept in tents, hostels and hotels. We cursed and sang and laughed and told stories. And more than four hundred kilometres later, we arrived at Land's End. Thanks! We made a spur of the minute decision to buy your book and do a family ride from London to Land's End with one week preparation. We finished yesterday. Your book was great, the maps, segments, text and phone numbers for accomodation were all used. We relied on it completely and you never let us down. All your patient effort much appreciated. Kids had fun and so did we. Highly recommended by us - four thumbs up for the guide!"

Susan Brown from Gland, Switzerland.

"I heard about this book from a friend and since we are thinking about cycling from London to Cornwall on quiet roads and paths, ordered it straightaway. I must say I am delighted with the the book which has very clear and easy to read maps with conventional symbols for navigating left, right, straight on, etc. The book is spiral bound with good quality paper and will fit nicely into a map case on a bar bag. There is loads of extra detail with B&Bs and cycle shops en route, all with contact numbers. All in all this is an excellent book and I look forward to using it out on the road."

Dave Ireland from Camborne, UK.

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